Sarah Vigliotti (Sarah Hooson) is an artist and photographer based on the outskirts of Cambridge.

Born in London but later growing up in rural South Cambridgeshire is perhaps why she enjoys the city and countryside in equal measures and finds inspiration in both. Sarah has been passionate about art from an early age. Whilst studying at Camberwell College of Art in London, her love of photography developed alongside her interest in using vintage cameras. Much of Sarah’s early work was taken with a 1930s Zeiss Ikon, Box Brownie and Rolleiflex cameras. Still preferring to work with film, her current work is shot using a medium format Bronica camera.

Sarah is primarily concerned with architectural and landscape photography, and particularly with the exploration of the forms and patterns inherent in these subjects. Two of her greatest influences are the photographers Josef Sudek and Walker Evans, whose work reflects her fascination with architecture and the landscape. She seeks to uncover beauty and tranquillity in unlikely locations: many of her images are composed in such a way that they reveal and amplify the half-hidden abstract geometries within them. When choosing her subjects, it is to explore the abstract patterns and textures they evoke. The human figure is usually absent from her work, although there is often a strong suggestion of its presence, lying just outside the moment of picture-taking, just beyond the frame.

In 2014 Sarah began producing lino cuts alongside her photographic work. Having previously explored several printmaking techniques at Camberwell and later at evening classes, Sarah has enjoyed her return to this medium and is looking forward to creating a new portfolio of prints.


Sarah graduated with a BA in Fine Art and Graphic Design from London’s Camberwell College of Art in 1995, where she specialised in photography. In 2001 she completed a two-year course in professional photography and between 2004 and 2007 she attended a City and Guilds Printmaking Class.