Sarah Vigliotti is a printmaker and photographer based on the outskirts of Cambridge.

Born in London but later growing up in rural South Cambridgeshire is perhaps why she enjoys the city and countryside in equal measure and finds inspiration in both.

Whilst studying at Camberwell College of Arts in London, her love of producing photographic prints in the darkroom developed alongside an interest in using vintage cameras. Much of Sarah’s early work was taken with a 1930s Zeiss Ikon, Box Brownie and Rolleiflex cameras. Still preferring the slow pace of working with film, her current photographic work is shot using a medium format Bronica camera.

In 2014 Sarah began producing lino cuts alongside her photographic work. Having previously explored several printmaking techniques at Camberwell and later at evening classes, Sarah enjoyed her return to this medium and now produces prints using a small etching press in her studio.

Her work is inspired by an interest in urban and rural landscape, history and the passage of time. Taking spaces that may often be overlooked, she  focuses on pattern, texture, surface and detail. The human figure is normally absent from her images, although there is often a strong suggestion of its presence, just beyond the frame. 

Recent work includes monochrome and colour reduction linocuts as well as experimentation with etched lino and alternative photographic techniques such as argyroptype. Her love of drawing is reflected in her style of lino cutting and many of the mark-making decisions are left to the cutting stage, working with the lino in a spontaneous way.  She enjoys the risk and uncertainty involved in working with lino and the excitement of the print revealing itself.